The shattered plane

The shattered plane is a world recovering from the brink of destruction. Nearly two millennia ago an event known as the great cataclysm leveled mountains, poisoned rivers, salted the earth and brought an end to the powerful empires of antiquity. What remained of civilization endured a terrible dark age, huddled together against the terrors of the wilderness in the ruins of once sprawling cities.

Then, 36 years ago, something changed. Wide expanses of blighted earth were suddenly verdant and arable again, the monstrous creatures that once roamed the countryside withdrew to the dark corners of the world, rivers teamed with life, trade resumed, and civilization, for the first time in 1,800 years, began to slowly expand.

No one is sure what brought about this new age of prosperity, or how long it will last. But for the time being at least, hope and opportunity has returned.

Our adventure begins on the road to Whiteridge, one of the few cities in the region to survive the cataclysm and ensuing dark age. Four adventures have found themselves in the employ of Quibol Wellspring, a former member of the Wayfarers who makes a modest living organizing trade caravans between Summerdell and other cities. For the last two weeks you have been traveling with one such caravan, tasked with guarding against the usual mix of bandits, monsters and petty infighting. Life on the road certainly isn't easy, but it also isn't the death sentence it was just a generation ago. Besides, the journey is nearly over, with Whiteridge is just a few short days away.


The shattered plane

The shattered plane marcus_galle